whoop todays fun :D

B6xH_yzCMAEFLWjwell its been a good day but better say the main thing before I tell you something funny. the health woman came today and she is going to have a chat with the pre-school. I need to start getting copys of all the probs with liam because its getting stupid.

I spent the morning looking at fish tanks with my fella. going to be spending a lot of money on a big fish tank and I have now found the one I want for my frontroom. went into town and I saw someone who I have so badly wanted to talk to for 3 years but I thought naaa because she was trying to hide her face and thought yer I thought you would do that lol. I got death treats and everytime I did a blog this woman had the balls to always send me hate mail (won’t just this site). also today matt got pooped on by a bird in Huddersfield and I nearly fell over with laugher lmao.