yo people

don’t it just bug you when someone says hello to you and you can’t remember that person and you have to say hello or that people will think you are being rude (O_O). this has happened to me  alot this week lol.

still have to see that sodding fence everytime I leave my flat. my housing officer asked me to ring him up but the number he has given me is to the main office. why could I not have his main number? going to be ringing them up on Monday to find out if there going to move this fence off my sodding land.

I don’t mostly do this but if anyone wants to follow me on anything go have a look on my page CONTACT ME :D. come say hello to me and make my day.

love you xxxxxxx

7 thoughts on “yo people

  1. About people who say hello to you and you don’t remember them. This has happened to me too. Most recently, some guy I didn’t recognize said hello to me and I gave him the “who the fuck are you” look and it turns out I went on a date with him four years ago. Had no memory of having done so, but he remembered me. Oh well, whatever.

  2. I work in a busy shop so meet a lot of people.
    must of had 5 people said hello kera and I have to smile and say hello back but soon as I turn around I think who the hell was that lol.

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