lol what a muppet

1208319_1560051577566882_1063576763_nwell this morning felt slow as pie. the uk right now is having crazy snow and because of this work was dead. you get the meltham people in but that’s it.

i did a silly thing today and i can’t believe i’m going to put it into my blog. i have made abit of a mess to my thumb and it still kind of hurts.  in the cleaning department there is a cage where we put mostly loo rolls and stuff. well i opened it to get out some loo role but when i went to close it i didn’t move my hand. best part is i was more worried that i might of broken my nail but thank the big guy i didn’t lol. my thumb went numb for a hour and i had alot of pain in my hand but i didn’t want to tell anyone that i forgot to move my hand when locking up the cage lol.