poop day yesterday

well i better tell everyone that i’m feeling alot better today. have you ever had one of them days when there is to much going on and you just can’t take anymore.

i was working yesterday and yes it was a good day there. after work my mother told me that pre-school have been kicking off because liam was to hyper today, been told that liam has no friends and on-one wants to play with him (that made me cry), also liam keeps saying poo head to everyone but like my mum said he has got that off a child at school but the helper said are children don’t say stuff like that ARRR I NO THE SODDING CHILD WHO SAYS IT >:(. today pre-school didn’t say anything to me but they did hear me talking to a mother about liam saying poo head and like she said sadly children always pick up stuff like this and best bit is its never from home its outside or school….

feeling low

Right now it has just hit 1am and I’m still up. I feel kind of low and everytime I  try to drop I just start to cry like a prat. Have you ever asked yourself what did you do wrong? I listen to people’s help and do what they tell me but I still feel like I’ve failed 😦. I do not want to write what has made me feel like this but I hope in the morning I will be abit happier.

competition (just for fun lol)

for months now i have been listening to a radio show on younow called wake the f~~k up. there doing a competition to win a $200 camera so i was going to act like a gangster but sadly my son beat me to it….lets hope we win lol. we had to pick from   Durell Arthur & J_E_Mini – Blow or DJ InfTheTurnUp – #NYC Anthem ft. Sonny Lewis…http://www.younow.com/weonradio

sunday and bored as pie

whoop not working a Sunday morning. only probs i have with Sundays is there is nothing on tv and no-one is around to talk to you. you have to make your own fun lol and that to me is making vines https://vine.co/Kera.Price . anyway i thought i will do a blog and talk to my 547 fans on WordPress.

been a funny old week. been thinking alot about life and about that lass who jumped. i can remember when i had depression and how i was (2011 to 2014). enjoy life to the full because you never know when its going to end.

anyway i want to change this talk to something funny. 2 crazy things happened to me at work this week what made me think wtf (O_O). 1st)  a woman asked me if i new where the biscuits where hmm we was standing right next to them????. 2nd)  a man told the main desk that the male loos sinks where blocked. i thought arrr kids have put loo roles in the sinks again…. not joking the plugs where down (>_<).