lost my garden :(

wpid-img_20150113_101829.jpgright now i just feel crappy and pissed off. nearly a month ago housing went and put up a fence on my land blocking me from my garden. today i finely got hold of the main guy to be told that it is not my garden (but was told by upstairs it was) and its a community garden. i told him that i was told it was my land by upstairs but nope. the fence was put up because of children playing and kicking footballs into  there garden so they asked for a fence (O_O) but its post to be a community garden. i asked if i could have a fence and got told no because its a community garden???????.so i said but my neighbors have gardens? oh that’s because they have been living there for along time aka there old (O_O) so it won’t shock me if i come home from work one day to see my garden ripped up :(.