4hours in Calderdale Royal Hospital

well what a fun day i had yesterday. had a busy day at work after starting at 12pm but i didn’t get to end my 8hours at 8pm….i had to go home at 6pm because my son had a febrile seizure. i got a call out thinking someone had smashed something but nope my mother was there.  took 3o mins for a ambulance to show up…he had his fit at 5:30pm but had not come around :(. your post to only have one febrile seizure in your life but liam has had 3.

was stuck at Calderdale Royal Hospital for 4hours in a small room with my mum and dad…liam was on a bed fast asleep. at one point we thought that the doctors had forgot about him because they came in the room 6:30pm and we didn’t see anyone else till 10pm. they didn’t have a curtain in are room so we got to watch people walk past….

1) there was one guy who kept going on about a injury form 1940s and he would not stay in his sodding room,

2) people who have had to much to drink omg there was this woman screaming because she was that drunk,

3) there was taking a old man out of the room next to us and i saw this bum….

whoop home at 11pm. 

4 thoughts on “4hours in Calderdale Royal Hospital

  1. nothing…just had to wait for him to chill down and come round. if he didn’t come round he would of had to stay the night. by 10pm he was sat on the bed asking me if we was going home lol. this time he only blacked out for a hour but last time it was 4hours till he came around.

  2. Hi Keys,
    Me again. Bloody hell! First the garden and now this? Waited 30 minutes for the ambulance to get there? 30 minutes? Outrageous!
    Then stuck in a small room for 4 hours with nobody stopping by and no privacy? What the heck?
    That’s another not right!
    Bloody hell!

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