sad news :(

i had some sad news given to me yesterday from two work friends. if i tell you the truth it has put me into shock. if you are not from the uk or Huddersfield you will not know what happened on a Tuesday night. sadly a woman jumped off the top of queensgate car park (a 50ft drop) and died 12hours later. i found out it was someone who i new from work. she was a lovely happy, smiling, always joking and laughing lass.

sadly you can’t see into people minds and see how there really feeling :(.

RIP Sarah 😦

11 thoughts on “sad news :(

  1. I am so sorry your friend died. we all need to be more observant and care more about others…maybe if we show more interest, they will have someone to talk to, and will not kill themselves. may god heal your heart

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