eating out

have you ever wanted to yell at a old person because you know for a fact they are talking about you?????

my son liam who is 4 years old has probs with attention so that means he’s always on the go and trying to get me look at stuff. i do not want to admit this but i do not like going out to eat with liam. he can’t sit down for 2mins and hes always buzzing. sadly because of this i always get the old people looking and sodding talking. i sometimes want to shout IF YOU THINK YOU CAN DO BETTER COME HERE AND DO IT. i’m 26 years old, my hair is falling out and i’m always sleepy but i love my son and i would not change him hmmm but it would be nice if he could sit down lol.

sent off my payslips and NO the ones from payroll didn’t show up >:(.

ps i hope you like the new twitter banner. i did try and update my blog but after a hour i no-test i hadn’t done nothing lol.

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