my life story

11055488_706736709448552_269216870_nsometimes i can’t write in here about how i am feeling or what is going on in my life. sometimes before i even think of putting my hands onto a key-bored i have to think hmmm is this ok to put online or would it be better in my book. most of the time i just write because it just gets stuff off my mind but sometimes i know i just can’t because of crazy people.

anyway i wanted to talk about my life story book what i have been doing since 2013..i write everything in there and i mean everything. i can remember someone once thought it would be cool to read my life story when i was at work (i  new coz they left fingerprints) and 4days later they came up to someone saying wow keys does not like me and my mate said hmm how do you no that (lol told my mate that someone had been reading it)…

there is only one rule about having a life story…. DON’T READ IT IF ITS NOT YOURS. do you really want to know how someone thinks of you or what is going on in there heads….i think the only time you should read a life story is when there not around anymore….

if you are thinking wow i want one of them….its called a SUCK UK My Life Story Diary and you can get them on amazon.