busy morning

i better say sorry for not doing a blog in some time. my son as been not well and hes been keeping me very busy. its not nice when your child gets ill :(.

well today has been a long one. i was stupid last night i fell asleep at 8:45pm and i woke up at 4am and i could not get back to sleep. i had work at 7am and was told that its clean day Monday (people come round to see if the shop is clean) so i have to clean all the edges.  i started on 10 and worked my way to 7 (took me 6hours). i have to admit i thought i was going to get yelled at today because one of the boss’s gave me there own floor scraper and told me to give it them back soon as i was done. well i left it in my cleaning bucket and when i came back it was gone  and when i had to tell the boss i new he wont to happy hmmm think i might have to buy a new one. i do hope tomorrow will be a little better…i find it kind of hard when people give me 2 or 3 jobs to do when your already trying to do a big job.

4 thoughts on “busy morning

  1. Hope your child gets well soon! Be strong! *gives you motivational pills* well you need them 🙂

    Just keep focused, and you’ll finish the tasks in no time. It’s horrible when there are tons on your plate, but it WILL get better. Just believe in it!

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