why lie amazon

don’t it suck when you order something on Amazon and it says next day delivery but its now the next day and nothing has showed up. you go online to find out why and you see that it has not even been sent out yet and its not going to show up till Saturday but I WORK ON THAT DAY >:(. why say next day delivery when its sodding not.

what a muppet lol

have you ever woken up with blood coming out the side of your mouth and you can’t work out why?

well on Saturday i woke up like this and when i clicked on what had happened i just started to laugh. i have a dream i was eating something and when i woke up i had bitten the inside of my cheek. its now monday and the inside of my face hurts lol.

not cool kfc

i hope the lass who put this on facebook does not mind me putting this on my blog. she was spat on by some guy and Staff refused to call the police or assist her in any way. Don’t worry hun i don’t eat there anyway and thats because the staff don’t understand English and there rude.




1) sorry have not done a blog about my crazy life. liam just went back to pre-school this week and since he’s been back his temper has been a pain but for once not at school. also his short attention is kind of bugging me. one min i ask him to clean up something and 2min later hes doing something different and i have to remind him if he had cleaned up yet.

2) woop i now have gas heaters in my flat after waiting a month.

3) i don’t no why but i have been feeling like a yoyo. one min i’m happy but next min i feel sad and i want to cry…..

omg scary start to the morning

i had something scary happen to me this morning and before anyone asks me nope i did not tell the police because i know they will say they can’t do nothing..oh sorry mum and dad if you are reading this. i didn’t want to say anything because i know what you would say and i don’t need the worry.

at 5am i was woken up to a clicking sound but i didn’t no where it was coming from but soon the sound changed to little bangs also pushing i clicked on that it was my frontdoor and that someone was trying to get into my flat. i got hold of my phone but soon as i was about to walk out my bedroom door my sodding alarm on my phone went off. the banging stopped. i went into my sons bedroom to look out the window and i saw no-one so i ran into my frontroom and looked out the window but saw no-one.

who ever it was he/she got scared soon as they heard my phone.