lol crazy dream

have you ever had a dream what felt so real until you wake up and think WTF lol.

well i had a dream where i went to work at 5am in my dressing gown so i could get some loo roll from the cleaning department . best part is i tried to get into the warehouse but the staff would not let me because i was wearing slippers.

4 thoughts on “lol crazy dream

  1. I’ve had some crazy dreams that make me wonder when I wake up if it really happened or if it really was just a dream. Then I want to call someone and ask them, but am afraid they will think I’m crazy, which I am, but they would send someone to take me to the ding-a-ling place.

  2. it felt so real until i woke up lol.

    lmao i don’t think my works would be to happy if i rang them up at 5:30am asking if i just been to work asking for loo roll lol. hehe think they be ringing the nut house for me.

    • Unfortunately I did phone my mom at 2:30 one morning, thinking it was afternoon, asking her if I had been there earlier. She asked me if I was taking drugs or if I was drunk, then informed me of the time and slammed the phone down. Called me later and really reamed me out. I’ve never made that mistake again.

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