last weeks stress

well where do i start about my life and what has been going on. i mostly write my blogs 2 to 3 times a week but there has been alot going on and alot on my mind to a point i do feel kind of lost.

well first i better say sorry i was not online this weekend. i had to work 10hours on Saturday, 7hours on Sunday and 2 hours yesterday. when you have do that many hours cleaning i just want to sit down hmmmm but that does not happen for me. i’m a mother so i have to keep on going. i was that sleepy i woke up today at 9am with my son fast asleep next to me meaning he must of woken up at 7am and he could not wake me up lol. also yesterday i had a voice message from work asking me to ring them back but when i rang up no-one needed me (O_O) ehhhhh???.

liam news…..well last week must of just been a off week for that boy. he just got back to pre-school after having the chicken pox. Monday he was just in a mood but his pre-school said well he has been off sick for a week for lets see how he be tomorrow, Tuesday still in a bad mood, Wednesday i get called into the office to be told liam has been fighting and that they had to pull him off a child arrr the way the woman was going i felt like i was getting told off. soon as he got home i gave him a right yelling and talking to. i also banned him from watching cartoons for the day. Thursday when i went to pick him up whoop no crap. i have a meeting with his new school in two weeks and i need to tell them about liam and his probs (talking probs,can’t sit still,hitting out) before he starts school in September.

there has been more stuff going on but sadly i can’t write that in this blog. i just hope this week will be a little bit better.

>:( not happy >:(

i’m so pissed off its crazy. i did a blog about this when i had to send off a year of pay slips to say i work 16hours and i passed. well i got a letter today saying i have been working 18hours since April BUT I’VE ALWAYS WORKED 16HOURS AND I PASSED TWO TESTS SAYING I WAS OK. stuff like this just makes me so stressed and sick.


work fun

well i had a fun morning. i got up at 5am because i had work at 7am. i got to work at 6:50am and saw the cleaner. we just looked at each other and asked why we where both in. we went to look at the time-sheet to see that work had put us both in but there can’t be two of us. so i had to go home and working 8hours on Saturday but i like Saturdays 😀 but i have to admit it is a pain in the bum….i didn’t find out what i was working till sodding Sunday and i bet it will be the same this week again.

liam still got the spots and is having probs getting to sleep at night because of them.

whoop joys of being a mum

what a day. got up at 5am after now doing 3 mornings in a row starting at 7am. work went fast as pie and was over by 10am. got to my mums house to find out that pre-school have rang up saying liam has chickenpox. i went up to the school and they said they no-test a spot at the back of his head but i no-test one on his nose also behind his ear and before you ask no he didn’t have them when he went to pre-school they just popped up. so now liam is off school for a week until hes better.

Old friends

I have been thinking alot about old friends from the past and how many people have been in and out of my life. Hmmm well I have to admit half of them people are now in jail or on drugs/drink. Sometimes its good that some people you know are out of your life because you never no what could of happened to you if you stayed friends with them.

I can always remember the time I was in town with my son,mum and dad. A girl came up to me saying hello keys.No joke 1hour later we saw this girl with cuffs on lmao. Police where talking to her and she shouts hello keys.I didn’t no where to put my face lol. But I think the best one was when I was watching a chat show and I saw a guy I used to be friends with was on it to find out if a child was his. Omg why did I hang out with them people lol.

But I have to admit not all my friends are bad. I do have alot of good memories. 🙂