Old friends

I have been thinking alot about old friends from the past and how many people have been in and out of my life. Hmmm well I have to admit half of them people are now in jail or on drugs/drink. Sometimes its good that some people you know are out of your life because you never no what could of happened to you if you stayed friends with them.

I can always remember the time I was in town with my son,mum and dad. A girl came up to me saying hello keys.No joke 1hour later we saw this girl with cuffs on lmao. Police where talking to her and she shouts hello keys.I didn’t no where to put my face lol. But I think the best one was when I was watching a chat show and I saw a guy I used to be friends with was on it to find out if a child was his. Omg why did I hang out with them people lol.

But I have to admit not all my friends are bad. I do have alot of good memories. 🙂