whoop joys of being a mum

what a day. got up at 5am after now doing 3 mornings in a row starting at 7am. work went fast as pie and was over by 10am. got to my mums house to find out that pre-school have rang up saying liam has chickenpox. i went up to the school and they said they no-test a spot at the back of his head but i no-test one on his nose also behind his ear and before you ask no he didn’t have them when he went to pre-school they just popped up. so now liam is off school for a week until hes better.

4 thoughts on “whoop joys of being a mum

  1. Well you know it’s a good job he got it early instead of late, they always say it’s better to get it young rather than old cause it’s milder when you’re young. Hope the young lad feels better very soon and I hope you get through it alright 🙂

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