un-meet people

11665701_797364593709505_2302177171570210171_nsometimes i wish i could turn back time and not make friends with some people. if i new they was crazy and talked out there butt i would of just blanked them out. its not fun having people talking crap about me and sodding following me around like i’m famous. can’t walk down the road without being sodding watched….i feel like popping out my boobies so they can have something to talk about lol but naaa i’m not going to that level.

ps – i just hit 680 fans…..thankyou and i love you.

lmao feeling odd

have you ever felt like hiding your face. i have just done reading 50 Shades Of Grey and also got the dvd. i wanted to get the second book so i went into a book shop. when i was waiting in the line to the tills a woman behind me kept giggling and i new it was at me holding this book in my hand. soon as i got to the till the guy kept telling me how he’s liked all the books and he loves the movie……. think i might order the 3rd one off amazon next time lol.

what a day

wow i felt so pissed off and embarrassed this afternoon to a point i had to ban liam from watching cartoons today. for some reason he was in a mood and when we was walking home from pre-school one of his friends said hello to him but liam went and kicked her pram (no chid was in the pram). he was walking behind me so when i turned around i said what did he just do? the mother said your son just kicked my pram. i told liam to say sorry but nope he just made a stupid face. i turned around and said RIGHT NO CARTOONS TODAY. i said sorry to the woman but she gave me a nasty look and put her nose up.when we was nearly home we saw the child and mother again..the little girl said bye liam but the mother said keep walking in a pissed off voice. soon as i got into the house i gave liam a right telling off.

my nan and grandad came round to see me for the first time in a year. my granddad no-test that i have books on business and i said yep i read about business because of my blog what has 678 fans on it… they said they wanted to join. noooooooooooo lol.

liam news

i have just no-test i have not blogged yet this week so i better write something or people might think i have died or have given up on my hobbie.

whoop i had soon good news given to me yesterday. liam had some blood tests done some months back to see if his cells where all ok. if you do not understand why he had this done read https://keys1988.com/2014/12/04/the-sodding-truth-so-shut-it/ . good news everything came back ok and we have nothing to worry about but right now i’m fighting for him to have a helper when he goes to school so more stress for me.