rugby … no love :(

i love rugby league and i’m also a Huddersfield giants fan but lately i feel like wow Super League getting so bad.

1) today at the end of the first half of the game i shouted YOUR POOP GIANTS AND THIS IS WHY I WON’T GET A SEASON TICKET. 21 years i have been watching them and for the first time i have thought wow i could be doing something better then being here or i wish i was watching league 1.

2) i thought rugby league is a family game….3 FIGHTS TODAY.

3) i also find it wrong how the referee is best friends with the other team (he goes drinking with the Warrington Wolves players) and hes aloud to ref that sodding game….THE WOLVES FANS WHERE SINGING A SONG FOR THE REF (>_<).

4) on the second half of the game the ref stopped the players and i shouted OMG WHAT NOW. the players looked lost and didn’t know what was going on. a fan slapped my back and said look over there (sounded pissed off with me)….one of there players where out cold.

Huddersfield won the game but i think they must of had a right yelling at in the locker room before they came back out. there now 4th on the league table but i just started to feel no more love….think its time i stop going for abit untill Super League sorts it self out.

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