time to tell you people about what i have been up to….hmmm nothing.

i did drag my felaa out for a drive in his car around west Yorkshire on a Wednesday night hehe that was fun until we got onto a motorway. matt has never been on the motorway with his van before so he was pooping his pants and i was laughing because i thought it was funny (O_O). we even went up to Huddersfield castle at 8pm and watched the rain come over the moors….lmao oh and we saw people dogging…. my fella wanted to blink his car lights for a joke lol.

liam (my son) is off pre-school today all because he has not been to the loo for 2days. also got to meet his new health woman today and best part is i got the letter yesterday saying she was coming round to see us.

my laptop has had it. the fan has gone on it so now its on a cooling pad also my cd drive has died so i had to buy a new one but it only cost me nearly £20 because its a USB one. i’m trying to save up for a new computer….stuff having a laptop again.

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