what a day

wow i felt so pissed off and embarrassed this afternoon to a point i had to ban liam from watching cartoons today. for some reason he was in a mood and when we was walking home from pre-school one of his friends said hello to him but liam went and kicked her pram (no chid was in the pram). he was walking behind me so when i turned around i said what did he just do? the mother said your son just kicked my pram. i told liam to say sorry but nope he just made a stupid face. i turned around and said RIGHT NO CARTOONS TODAY. i said sorry to the woman but she gave me a nasty look and put her nose up.when we was nearly home we saw the child and mother again..the little girl said bye liam but the mother said keep walking in a pissed off voice. soon as i got into the house i gave liam a right telling off.

my nan and grandad came round to see me for the first time in a year. my granddad no-test that i have books on business and i said yep i read about business because of my blog what has 678 fans on it… they said they wanted to join. noooooooooooo lol.

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