arrrr been a stress head

downloadsorry i have not done a blog in some time. i have had alot on my mind this week and i just needed to think about stuff before i do anything.

i got a letter this week form a paediatric (i saw one for liam a month ago). well everything was cool until i started to read the back of the letter. when my son gets to hot he goes all floppy and his left arm starts to shake so what i do is i take everything off him so hes nude and i pick him up to chill him down oh and window is open…..well she has made it sound like i’m not making sense (talking bull-poo)….also there is nothing about me saying about getting liam nude and opening a window to chill him down and best part is she has put that i no first aid hmmmm i only no what to do because of my mother showing me…I DO NOT NO FIRST AID ONLY MUMMY SENSE. she has asked for a health visitor to come and see me but I DON’T WANT TO SEE THEM AND LIAM STARTS SCHOOL IN SEPTEMBER. only good what came out of this is that my son is now having his 3rd eye test (yes 3rd) also speech and language want to see him after waiting 7months for them to sort this out (was only post to be 3months waiting)……..

my fella has told me not to worry but i’m a mum i have to worry……. he starts school in September and he can’t talk like a 4year old and he has other probs.

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