weekend stuff

whoop its 8:12pm and i’m in bed. been a ok weekend with no stress. work have sorted out my hours and the mess i was in so this means no more working 8hours or 10hours at weekends when i’m only post to do 5hours (16hours a week).

i had abit of a funny day yesterday. have you ever felt like you are about to cry but you don’t understand why? well that happened to me when i was on my 15mins at work. i was just sat drinking a cola and i felt like i was about to cry but i did not understand why (O_O). i didn’t feel like crap and i was not upset but my body wanted to cry.

after work i went up to see someone and had a long chat about stuff what i do not want to put on my blog but i did learn something….don’t you just love it when people talk crap behind your back. Someone went up to a person and tried to make it sound like i was a bad mother. i have to say thankyou to the person who stuck up for me and told them to shut up….thing is stuff like this always makes me laugh because liam is happy and yes he can be a pain but he’s a 4year old boy…lmao i always say if someone is trying to start crap like this you know there jealous of your life.

anyway its been a good weekend.

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