Bored lol

Well right now im at work having my 15mins chilling by myself. I no this not buzzing news people lol. Im just bored and I need something to do.

Got something to ask you sexy people. Why is diet coke so nasty ewwww (@_@).


need to get this out of me

have you ever tried so hard to sort something out until you start to feel like everything is your fault. well thats how i’m starting to feel right now. since my son was 2 years old i no-test something was just not right about him. his development has always been behind (walking,talking,sitting up,potty) but everytime i tried to get help no-one gave a shit..untill he hit 3 years old and the health woman started to no-test stuff and got the ball rolling.

since then he has had help with his talking until they blanked liam for 6months and i had to teach him (they forgot) but soon after a lady came to my flat and said sorry for the wait she was shocked that liam was talking. he’s post to be getting one2one help with talking at school but i do not no when?

liam has probs with anger and will hit out. i have been saying this since he was 2 but like i was told ALL CHILDREN DO THIS. i know for a fact not all children do this and that something was not right. pre-school got to a point they was finding him hard but they would tell me this but tell doctors and health people different. school has told me that liam keeps hitting children and they have to give him time out. ive been told they are going to be making a smiley face bored for liam but why do i think this is not going to work. they have also no-test that he does not like making eye contact with people but i new this. the children at school are telling there family’s about my son and people have started to give me looks when i’m with him. i feel like shouting DO YOU WANT A PHOTO.

before people start saying stuff about me thinking i don’t do crap when hes being bad…when liam is being a pain or even hurts people i ban him from watching tv and i take away his favorite books and cars and tell him what he has done wrong . i’m trying so hard but i feel like i’m failing on his anger. i’m so scared that hes not going to have any friends because of this and that makes me want to cry…

arrr what a morning

  1. well first housing popped up to sort out my kitchen door what was taking down in may 2015 but never put back on after they did a job.
  2. liam has found a pen and thought it be a good idea to fill in is nails. i have tried to get off the pen but nope some of it won’t come off so he’s gone to school will blue pen nails lol.
  3. found out today that liam has been hitting out at school so they have asked me if they can do a happy bored. when he’s good he gets a happy face but when bad sad face.

this morning sucked

i woke up at 5:30am feeling bril until 6am when i started to feel funny. i went to work and tried to forget that my belly was hurting until it hit 9:45am and i felt like i was going to be sick. work was over at 10am but soon as i got home i was sick. i do not know what upset my tummy but eww. its nearly 5pm and i feel good now but i think thats because i had a 2hour sleep soon as i got home.

if you are on my twitter page i want to say sorry about the rant i had today.i don’t mostly call people out but some people need to. i found out who has been stalking someone i talk to online for nearly 7months. i do hope the police get hold of her soon as they can. no-one should have to move because the police kept swatting there house and have hate blogs and sites made about them.

hello sexy people

i was thinking of writing a post last night but i thought naaa i’m going to wait till sunday night. hmmm well i think people might of worked it out that i had abit of a crappy week. everything went crazy and sometimes i just didn’t know what i was doing. well yesterday i had to hold my teeth to my lips because i nearly said something to a person who was just being a rude d~~k to me but i was chill :D. also work have put my hours back to the same way they where (kind of getting sick of them changing).

whoop tomorrow is a new start to the week so wish me luck sexy people.

UPDATE : just hit 750 people following my blog…thankyou so much :D. xxxxxx