feeling so crappy

i do not understand what is up with me this week. one min i can be happy as pie but next min i feel like crying and i feel like my head is about to go bang. i have even got to a point when i just turn off the tv and put on my headphone’s on and head into keys land (dream land) because i feel happy there.

i went to town today with my fella and i felt happy because this man always makes me smile. on the way home i got a phone call saying i’m not working tomorrow and my days have changed again. i told my son that he was going to be staying at his nans tonight so when it was time to pick him up from school he was upset to be told he was not going now. soon as it hit 5pm i went into my bedroom and sat on the bed and just cried.

i don’t want to hear any bad news tomorrow. i feel like turning off my phone and blocking everyone out just so i can clean my mind but i’m worried that work are going to try and ring me asking why i’m not there after being told not to come in. 😦

5 thoughts on “feeling so crappy

  1. Just smile and push through. I was like this last week had one of the worst weeks of my life. But I smiled my way through, it didn’t solve my problems but it made them easier to cope with. I hope things look up for you soon.


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