this morning sucked

i woke up at 5:30am feeling bril until 6am when i started to feel funny. i went to work and tried to forget that my belly was hurting until it hit 9:45am and i felt like i was going to be sick. work was over at 10am but soon as i got home i was sick. i do not know what upset my tummy but eww. its nearly 5pm and i feel good now but i think thats because i had a 2hour sleep soon as i got home.

if you are on my twitter page i want to say sorry about the rant i had today.i don’t mostly call people out but some people need to. i found out who has been stalking someone i talk to online for nearly 7months. i do hope the police get hold of her soon as they can. no-one should have to move because the police kept swatting there house and have hate blogs and sites made about them.

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