Got 10mins left until I have to start work again.wow today has been a stressful day and right now I feel like I have ran 10miles but not long till home time. Anyway might as well give you Sexy people a laugh about what happened to me last night.I got to meet the new neighbours what live next to me who also live on the 2nd floor. I walked into my kitchen last night at 11pm and best part was I had no top on. I turned around to see the new neighbours looking right at me.I jumped to the floor like a ninja and went jumping out the kitchen and when I told my fella he could only just laugh.

Hehe got to go back and work xxxxx.

what a day

i can now remember why i hate taking liam shopping around town. i spent nearly 3hours listening to a child screaming and yelling every 5mins but i didn’t feel alone because most mothers around huddersfield had the same probs. i spent near £100 on bills, gear for liam and dvds and the new Dan and Phil book.

it also must be walk into my ex boyfriend month. i walked into a ex at the bus station and the best part was he was all over his new lass smiling at me at the same time (O_O). i just wanted to laugh and say to the lass be careful hes abit crazy. i dumped that prat because he got jealous that my sim was dating a male sim (O_O).

British gas morning fun

well i had a shock this morning when i got a letter from British Gas saying that i’m overdue by £75 but best part is i pay my bills online and online it says i’m £111 in cred. i rang them up saying i’m not paying the £75 because i’m in credit. the woman down the phone went to see what was going on…she came back saying the reason its saying that is because i pay £10 a week not £20 a fortnight…..WHATS THE SODDING DIFFERENCE (o_o).

at the end of the day they should of NOT sent out that letter and i feel like they are trying to scam people out of money….i’m lucky to pay my bills online because if i didn’t i would of payed them.

feel like i could hide away

have you ever cried so much you make yourself sick….yep thats me right now. i feel so embarrassed to a point i just want to hide away from everyone. went to pick liam up from school and soon as i saw his teacher i new he had done something bad. liam had broken a girls glasses and the only thing he could do was laugh. the rules at school is I HAVE TO PAY for them and i no for a fact that’s going to cost me near £100+ meaning bye to my holiday money and bye to the holiday me and fella was post to go on in 2016 because its hard to save up.

liam news

well going to write about my boy…. last week i signed the first part of the paper work for liam to get more help at school (just waiting for more paperwork). he has a helper every monday and Tuesdays so i do hope that helps him a little bit more. i haven’t been in anymore meetings yet but will keep you posted on the news and how he is doing.

i have to admit i feel kind of mean right now but liam’s friends mother asked me today if liam would like to come to theirs on Thursday after school. i told them sorry but liam is at his nans that day. the mother was cool but i do hope i didn’t pee them off. the truth is i do not know them that well and i do not even no the child’s name and i kind of want to know the person before liam goes to someones house.