Got told off for feeding a horse

Well I just had something funny happen to me and for once I didn’t no what to say. Yesterday Liam went up a horse and gave it grass and everything was good but when we was walking back from school Liam and his friends went to see and feed the horse grass. The farmer came down in his car and had ago at me for letting Liam feed the horse and told me and the boys not to feed the horse grass again. I just looked at him and said o….k.  when we walked away other children where feeding the horse behind us (0.0). Hmm when I was liams age there was nothing wrong with feeding a horse grass and your next to a school so children will feed it. Think we will walk a different way home next time because I don’t want Liam and me getting into poop.

4 thoughts on “Got told off for feeding a horse

  1. Pray for God to change their heart. I found that angry people have deep hurts in their past and they do not know how to change unless seine shows them. Remember, overcome evil with good. God Bless.

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