wtf facebook

wtf is going on with people on facebook. i have to admit i only go onto that site to see how people are doing and play on the games but lately everything what keeps popping up is shocking.

  1. i don’t want to see porn.
  2. sorry i could not turn up to your party but i have a thing called a JOB.
  3. i do not want to read about atheism.
  4. fights
  5. people being rude about the police and social services (not knowing that fb is being watched by them).
  6. drug taking.
  7. taking photos of there children sick/ill.

hmmmm think its time i start deleting some people (O_O).

4 thoughts on “wtf facebook

  1. Keys, lots of people use FB as a place to express whatever they want to express. They feel better making what should be private, public! Yup – feel free to delete those folks who are negative and selfish.

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