liam news

well going to write about my boy…. last week i signed the first part of the paper work for liam to get more help at school (just waiting for more paperwork). he has a helper every monday and Tuesdays so i do hope that helps him a little bit more. i haven’t been in anymore meetings yet but will keep you posted on the news and how he is doing.

i have to admit i feel kind of mean right now but liam’s friends mother asked me today if liam would like to come to theirs on Thursday after school. i told them sorry but liam is at his nans that day. the mother was cool but i do hope i didn’t pee them off. the truth is i do not know them that well and i do not even no the child’s name and i kind of want to know the person before liam goes to someones house.

4 thoughts on “liam news

  1. Thats true about knowing the kids name first. Lol .If I could I’d prefer to have my boys hidden from the rest of the world but in reality you can’t hide them from the world they gotta learn how to fight their battles on their own

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