feel like i could hide away

have you ever cried so much you make yourself sick….yep thats me right now. i feel so embarrassed to a point i just want to hide away from everyone. went to pick liam up from school and soon as i saw his teacher i new he had done something bad. liam had broken a girls glasses and the only thing he could do was laugh. the rules at school is I HAVE TO PAY for them and i no for a fact that’s going to cost me near £100+ meaning bye to my holiday money and bye to the holiday me and fella was post to go on in 2016 because its hard to save up.

7 thoughts on “feel like i could hide away

  1. i’m kind of in shock that they want him in school tomorrow. i have been told that if the child is under 16 they mostly get there glasses for free on the NHS so praying that there nhs. i have also been told that i should not have to pay because he was under the school watch not mine and by now they should no what liam is like with other children.

    i gave him a right telling off when he finally came out his room at 6:45pm. lets put it a nice way he was crying after the talk. he has now been banned from cartoons till Monday, no sweets till next Saturday , no star wars for a week (that made him cry more) and no hot wheel cars till Monday so right now there is a box of cars/track in my bedroom (also made him cry) , no cake making with nan on the weekend.

    i’m kind of scared to go to school tomorrow because i don’t want to walk into the girls family but i no i will have to see them at some point. i no this sounds crazy but i’m starting to feel like everyone is talking about us.

  2. HI

    If they are not NHS you can talk to the school and see if they can pay half, also while it is not great it might be worth having a chat to the girl’s parents and saying sorry. Assuming the school have told them who did it

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