arrr what a weekend

first thing to say is sorry i have not been blogging alot. i just haven’t had alot going on to report.

i just had one of them weekends at work. it must be bitch at keys week.

1st – a male had ago at me because he could not find the stuff he wanted and kept going on how the shop was a mess,

2nd some guy took the mick out of me after i told some other guy the wrong number to go down but i did say sorry i was post to say 8 not 4 because i was walking down 4 but some random guy shouted out HAY WHAT YOU WANT IS DOWN 48 BUT IT CAN BE ANYWHERE IN THIS SHOP. he said this more then 5times and the staff didn’t even say nothing but looked at me. it would of been nice if someone said sir can you stop yelling but nope i was made to feel like a fool.

3rd – a lady wanted to buy some kind of shampoo and i said sorry but it looks like we have sold out and if its not on the shelf there won’t be any in the back till tomorrow. well this lady didn’t like that and made me go into the back to go find what she wanted and long and behold WE DIDN’T HAVE IT. when i went to tell the lady wow she had ago at me until i said i’m just the cleaner i do not do the ordering. she just walked off and didn’t even say sorry for being rude to me.

4th – a lady came up to me and said she fell onto a wet floor. i went to see the wet floor and it was a drop of water on the floor. no-one was around to stick to her story but even i no she didn’t fall (maybe slip but not fall).

weekend is over.


some people need a slap

have you ever wanted to shout at someone and tell them to stop acting like there better then you hmm well i wanted to do that today to a mother at school. we was walking up to the school and liam saw two of his friends. at first a the boy who was abit older then liam started to talk to liam about stuff (boy stuff) but for some reason his mother started to yell at him saying KEEP ON WALKING so he walked up to his mother. a little girl from liam’s class started to talk to him. they where  both joking and giggling at each other but the mother must not of liked that because she kept yelling at her child to walk faster and come to her but the little girl didn’t because she wanted to walk with liam (what i saw nothing wrong with). when we was near the school liam knocked off the girls hat (he was trying to hug her) and wow the mother started to yell GET HERE NOW.  i put the hat on the little girl and she went to the mother. the mother then started to mess with the hat like i had ebola and walked off. liam got sad because he wanted to walk into school with his friend but one of the older girls behind us said don’t worry liam you will see her in class. i so wanted to shout LISTEN YOU SNOBBY COW LET HER WALK WITH MY SON…YES HE CAN BE A PAIN AND YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE HIM BUT THEY ARE FRIENDS.

i hate people who act like there better then us all because they have money. i admit that i’m not made of sodding money but i am happy and i have learned i do not need money to make me smile.

arrr so peed off

feeling kind of peed off. i spent since 4pm cleaning the loos at work. by 7:45pm i was done and it was time to mop. THANKYOU SO MUCH TO THE PERSON WHO PUT A MOP BACK NEXT TO THE CLEAN MOPS….I DIDN’T NO IT HAD BEEN USED TO CLEAN SICK WITH. my public loo’s smell and i didn’t click on until i mopped the ladys loos. by 8pm it was home time i hope no-one will yell at me tomorrow because of some prat not putting a sick mop in HOT WATER.


first thing i have to say is thankyou for the 56 sexy people who have looked at my blog today. wow i didn’t think that was what i was going to see this this morning. i love you so much and big hugs. after the morning i have had this has put a smile back onto my face xxxxxxx.

i better say sorry for not blogging for a week about my fun life. liam is doing ok but did have a flop this morning when we was 5mins late to school. he kept giving me crap saying he was sick, his head is going to fall off and can’t forget his legs are going to fall off to, he forgot his glasses so had to run home to get them, he kept having paddys all the way there what was driving me up the wall and when we got to the school his helper was waiting and i had to tell her liam was in a mood and he kicked a child who was saying hello to him but the child was cool. they told me if he gets that bad they will ring me.

went to work to do some shopping to find out that i might be working boxing day and like i said I BETTER NOT BE. it won’t be long until they have shops open on xmas day.

hi sexy people

Its been a funny old weekend. I didn’t go shopping on Saturday only because my son thinks he’s 14 and won’t get out of bed till 9:30am. Work has been ok and there keeping me busy with lots of stuff to do. Also I went to my first ice hockey game on Sunday hmmm well not my first I went in 1999.

Yesterday the uk was hit by a crazy wind storm. Work was over at 10am but when I was walking home It felt like cold ice was hitting my face and my sodding hood would not stay up.

Anyway its parents meeting tonight at school. I get to see what liam is doing in class and how he is doing.  I kind of no I’m going to hear bad news because that’s what I always hear but it would be nice to hear wow liam is good at this and that.