12208534_10207097395569370_6604781090247717209_nwell i’ve had a fun afternoon. i had to pick liam up at 12:40pm so i could take him to get his eyes tested. when i went to pick him up he no-test me and started to cry and when i went to get him nearly all the children came up to me and started to ask me why liam was going. lol i felt like the police where on my tail but also nice to see how many people are friends with liam (must of been about 20 children asking).

when we got to the children eye clinic liam needed the loo. one thing i need to say is WHY DO THEY KEEP THE PANIC BUTTON NEXT TO THE LOO. liam pressed the button and 5 doctors came running in. after that fun he got called into a room. they had to put eye drops into liam’s eyes but funny thing was when he had them done he didn’t kick off and doctor was in shock because most children cry after having them done. we was there for a hour until we had the news we been waiting for since the age of 2 ….liam now has to wear glasses. he’s picked them out and there Star Wars and we got to pick them up next Wednesday.

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