some people need a slap

have you ever wanted to shout at someone and tell them to stop acting like there better then you hmm well i wanted to do that today to a mother at school. we was walking up to the school and liam saw two of his friends. at first a the boy who was abit older then liam started to talk to liam about stuff (boy stuff) but for some reason his mother started to yell at him saying KEEP ON WALKING so he walked up to his mother. a little girl from liam’s class started to talk to him. they where  both joking and giggling at each other but the mother must not of liked that because she kept yelling at her child to walk faster and come to her but the little girl didn’t because she wanted to walk with liam (what i saw nothing wrong with). when we was near the school liam knocked off the girls hat (he was trying to hug her) and wow the mother started to yell GET HERE NOW.  i put the hat on the little girl and she went to the mother. the mother then started to mess with the hat like i had ebola and walked off. liam got sad because he wanted to walk into school with his friend but one of the older girls behind us said don’t worry liam you will see her in class. i so wanted to shout LISTEN YOU SNOBBY COW LET HER WALK WITH MY SON…YES HE CAN BE A PAIN AND YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE HIM BUT THEY ARE FRIENDS.

i hate people who act like there better then us all because they have money. i admit that i’m not made of sodding money but i am happy and i have learned i do not need money to make me smile.

4 thoughts on “some people need a slap

  1. It’s a sad world when grown up people can be so judgemental and cruel to others, when they have done no wrong. When I was a kid I used to be friends with my neighbour kids, and when we had a fight the mum would come out and yell at her kids to come indoors and then mutter rude things about me and my siblings. Parents shouldn’t get involved with kids’ friendships, it’s childish!

  2. Hate is a strong word. Turn it over to God. People who are like that have their own problems. One day, God will reveal to them how they handled it wrong. Some people learn fast and others don’t. It is not the money, it is a hurt within them. You are pretty smart to see friendship. Just tell them next time, with a smile, you must be having a bad day, sorry.

    • nope this woman walks about with her nose in the air thinkin shes better then everyone all because she has money….i kind of feel sorry for people who are like that

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