arrr what a weekend

first thing to say is sorry i have not been blogging alot. i just haven’t had alot going on to report.

i just had one of them weekends at work. it must be bitch at keys week.

1st – a male had ago at me because he could not find the stuff he wanted and kept going on how the shop was a mess,

2nd some guy took the mick out of me after i told some other guy the wrong number to go down but i did say sorry i was post to say 8 not 4 because i was walking down 4 but some random guy shouted out HAY WHAT YOU WANT IS DOWN 48 BUT IT CAN BE ANYWHERE IN THIS SHOP. he said this more then 5times and the staff didn’t even say nothing but looked at me. it would of been nice if someone said sir can you stop yelling but nope i was made to feel like a fool.

3rd – a lady wanted to buy some kind of shampoo and i said sorry but it looks like we have sold out and if its not on the shelf there won’t be any in the back till tomorrow. well this lady didn’t like that and made me go into the back to go find what she wanted and long and behold WE DIDN’T HAVE IT. when i went to tell the lady wow she had ago at me until i said i’m just the cleaner i do not do the ordering. she just walked off and didn’t even say sorry for being rude to me.

4th – a lady came up to me and said she fell onto a wet floor. i went to see the wet floor and it was a drop of water on the floor. no-one was around to stick to her story but even i no she didn’t fall (maybe slip but not fall).

weekend is over.