hi sexy people

wow that was a nice WordPress holiday but its time to get ready to tap the crazy out of my laptopĀ or sometimes phone.

first thing i need to say is its not long now till 2016 and i want to thank everyone who reads and follows my blog,twitter and snapchat. last year at this time i just hit 500 follows and now its 800. thankyou and i love you all :).

1)its been a busy week with all sorts going on. liam loved everything he got on xmas oh and i can’t forget the yummy dinner my mother made for us all :).

2) boxing day i spent it playing games with my boy and looking after my mothers dog.

3) 27th it was liam’s 5th birthday and we took him to his first ice hockey game but sadly he didn’t like it because he hates loud sounds but everyone else had fun lol.

merry Christmas blog family

if i do not pop onto wordpress this week and maybe the next week i just want to thank the 800 people who follow my blog and my fun life. its been a fun and a busy year and i hope 2016 brings me and liam more fun :D.

i love you and i hope you all have a fun week and don’t get to drunk lol.

merry Christmas everyone šŸ˜€

meltham keep a eye out

well i just had something scary happen to me and no i’m not going to ring up the police because they will just say lock up your doors and we can only report it. but sod that i’m going to do this the keys way by putting it on twitter and wordpress because i know if it happened again the police would just ask me if i saw Ā the person and did i take a film or photo of the person (O_O) (no joke they asked that when aĀ attempted arson happened in 2014).

at 11am i was in my frontroom watching youtube on my laptop when i heard someone messing with my door down stairs. they where trying to push my door open. i didn’t lock the door but the yale lock was on so the door was moving a little but it wont going to open. then they started to mess with my letter box but soon as i shouted hello it all stopped. at first i thought it was the mailman or something has come for me but when i went and looked out the window no-one and no vans where there.

i’m ok and if there smart they won’t come back but i thought i better tell people just to keep safe.