so i made myself a deal that this year i will start getting the horror block. this is the stuff what i got this month and so can’t wait for next month :D.




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hello friends

11055488_706736709448552_269216870_nsorry that i have not done a blog. there has been so much on my mind but sadly i can’t say what in a blog. i have also no-test that i have had alot of traffic from the uk (views) and i have a crazy feeling its just people looking to see if i have put something about them on my site. yes i write alot about my life on this site (nearly everything) but i never say stuff that could mess up me and my family’s life or say peoples names without asking or being my buddys.

only thing i can say thankyou god for my life story book lol.

don’t get me wrong but the uk is the 2nd most views i got last year (2015 USA 1st , Brazil 3rd) but i no something is not right when i’m getting over 5-6 views a day from the uk when its mostly 1-2 on no blog days (on blog day theirs more).  on 20/1/16 i got 33 views on a none blog day (O_O) ehhhhhhhhhh ON A WEDNESDAY. 

update : also to my stalker my stats tell me what you are reading and how you are looking for me (google and twitter).https://www.instagram.com/p/BBGYcAOh3FY/?taken-by=keysprice1988

well this is a first lol

well i had something funny happen to me today. i was on a busy bus this morning with liam heading to town (eye test for liam). well on the bus a old guy started to have ago at me saying that the bus is busy and your taking the chair up with a bag. i looked at him odd and said but sir there is no bag only my son. liam was looking at his feet with his hood on his head. liam pops his head up and says hello. the guy when kept saying sorry because he thought liam was a bag. lmao i just could not stop laughing. think he needs to get his eyes tested to lmao.