Not a happy bunny

Don’t you just love it when someone blanks you out hmmm yep this is happening to me right now and I have to admit if I see this person I’m going to tell them to sod off.

Last time I saw this someone was 25th Dec 2015, this someone forgot my sons birthday (no text or Card) and didn’t even send me a text saying happy new year. I also saw this person in the morning when I was walking to work but didn’t beep the car horn at me or stop.

What you think I should do?

6 thoughts on “Not a happy bunny

  1. Depends who the someone is tbh. If it’s someone who is supposed to be close to you then you should confront them, but if it is someone who doesn’t know you too well then leave it, they’re not worth it.

  2. I have had a similar situation. A close friend for 2 years and everytime we went out to eat I always picked up the tab. About 3 months ago they started ignoring me and I don’t know why. I have come to realize, God puts people in our life at certain times so we help them in some way or they help us. But true friends can be counted on one hand in a lifetime. Look for others you can help or encourage. God Bless.

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