first day back

liam’s first day back in school and he kicked off. he didn’t want to let go of me but thank god his helper was there so she had to bring him into his class. i do hope he be ok and not do anything silly.



2 thoughts on “first day back

  1. Can you make it a game? I didn’t know how to poddy train my son when he was little and it wasn’t until a close friend suggested a treat. I bought a small bag of plain m&ms and I told my son at almost 2 years old, we go poddy in the toliet. Everytime you do poddy in the toliet, I am going to give you a treat. I would praise him and give him 3 m&ms everytime he went in the toliet. In one month, he was poddy trained. Maybe everyday you get a good report he gets a star. If he gets 4 or more stars for the week, you will give him a treat.

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