whoop got a stalker

well i can now say that i have a stalker on wordpress.

the person is from the uk, looks at my site 7times a day on no blog days and on blog says 10 times ,they love to look for me on google. (O_O) best part is there only reading old posts from 2012-13-14 so it must be someone i no who is looking for something and YES I CAN SEE WHAT YOUR READING. before anyone asks its been going on for 3weeks.

i’m just going to be careful in what i put on this blog for abit until i can find out who this freak is….

what would you do if you had a stalker???

ps i have put my instagram on private because of this but my twitter is still on pubic for now.

8 thoughts on “whoop got a stalker

  1. i don’t lie so i’m just going to say i have no-test that the blogs about my mothers crazy nextdoor posts have been getting alot of no-test (2012-13) so because i kind of forgot about them i have deleted them off the site. this site used to be my own dairy but like i say on ‘all about keys1988’ i never thought i would have this many people reading My Fun Life so there will be stuff on this site form 2012-13 that i would of put down and forgot about.

    also this blog is all about the stuff i do , mum-parent probs , fun stuff and what is bugging the poop out of me.i will admit that i have done blogs that i had to get off my chest like the one about my son and his head. if people do not like what i put on my site they do not need to read it.

    ps i can’t remember the blogs i did in 2012-13 (like i said it was my dairy).

  2. mostly i just write whats on my mind and put it on ‘only me’ but sometimes i just want to tell everyone and i have to admit that always makes me feel so much better getting it out but if its something that could get me into bad poop it goes into the life story book (my family read my blog lol)..

    but the stuff what is getting looked at is old and because of that i just deleted them off.

    joys of being a blogger.

  3. i don’t think the person new that i could see what they where reading on the blog until i said it. only getting 1-4 views a day (no blog days) not 33 from the uk.

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