feeling low

first day back at work and i ended up crying in the loo’s all because of that one person going round telling people i’m a hurtful bitch. i had people putting there nose’s in the air and pushing past me. i even had a family i have known since i was 12 blank me out but his son came up to me and gave me a hug and asked if i was ok. soon as i got home i just went into my room and cried into a pillow.  people are telling me not to listen and not to let people get to me but sometimes its just so hard.

i’m never going onto facebook again after this false allegation and people wonder why i keep to myself.

7 thoughts on “feeling low

  1. its something i didn’t think i would have on my first day back from having 2weeks off. i mostly say a hater is gonna hate but i didn’t think i would have that much hate in one day and its also over something i didn’t sodding do.

    i’m just going to try and black it all out next time i’m at work. the way meltham (village) is making it sound like i said Voldemort name out loud when i only said i was sad and shocked.

  2. You must not hand over so much power to people, they will abuse power. No one is perfect, therefore not worthy of this power you gave them over you. No, I’m sure you are worth more than the price they paid (zero) for this power over you, to affect you like that. Don’t be ashamed of what transpired, pencils have erasers because none of us are perfect. Tomorrow’s another day. Today’s lesson noted, cool. Find happiness in that God loves you as you are. People will see your strength, in that they can’t make withdrawals without a negotiable substance at your Savings and Loan. They got no props with you until they own up. You will be fine and have much to be glad of, I’m sure. Keep being for real.

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