yep and its not friday yet lol

sorry i have not done any blogs since Sunday morning. i was going to do a blog on Tuesday but thought it be wrong with all the stuff going on with the news.

i kind of had a poop start to the week.

1) my hoover thought it would be cool to blow up…but today my mom has ordered me a new one ( don’t worry i’m paying it).

2) my sodding internet went down on Tuesday and me and this help line tried everything to get it to work. Wednesday morning i turned on the phone WiFi and wow the bloody thing started to go crazy lol.

3) people think I’m wonder woman and i can do 4 big jobs in one hour (O_0).

4) liam has been asked to go to a party but i haven’t sent a yes back yet. i’m just worried that liam is going to get to buzzed and hurt someone or the moms/dads are not going to understand him. my mom says if you ask the child’s mother if you can stay and tell her why you might be able to hang out with the mums but i’m not good around new people and i start to feel odd and scared.


4 thoughts on “yep and its not friday yet lol

  1. Awww, I do hope the weekend perks up for you love. And about Liam, maybe it would be good to follow your mum’s advice. It might seem daunting and scary at first but you’d be doing it for him and it would def help him, also those new people will not be new if you’ve sat with them for a bit! Anyway, best of luck 🙂 xx

  2. You are great with new people. If the people who invited Liam knows there is a chance of him over exerting himself with a temper and they still invited him, I would let him go.
    How you do with people is not what you think or others think. When God made you, he made a masterpiece and never forget that. There is only one you God made because he made you as His masterpiece.

  3. i’m kind of a loner but if i have to talk to people face to face i will . lol i can’t even talk to people down the phone my mother has to do it. i didn’t say that the party is a 2 bus trip there and back. also its a Saturday and i don’t no if my dad can take him there.

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