have you ever just sat down and thought about your life. yep that has been me for some time now. sometimes i wish i could do more with myself so i have started to do some workouts and i have no-test that i have lost some weight because of it but i also have to admit my bloody back hurts because of it.

I’ve also started to have a night life again and trying to make new friends (no boyfriends lol) but i won’t be going out now till July.

One thought on “hi

  1. No pain, No gain keys, don’t weigh your self what every you do its just a form of torture haha the best way to see if you have lost anything is to get something like a piece of string or even better a measuring tape and put it around your waste, mark it and the next time you try it this will give you an idea of how much you have lost “I’ve lost an inch” sounds better that “I’ve lost two pound”

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