good news

Got liam’s school report today and everything is bril 🙂 .

His attendance is 97% but that’s because of sick days and hospital days.

lol i can always remember being under 11 maybe 12 years old and my  mother was looking at my bro, sister and my attendance paperwork. lmao i had 2oo and something days off and the other two had bril attendance. The reason i had so many days off was because i got badly bullied by the children and teachers ( could not read or write) so i would make myself sick and stay at home and back when i was young school did not care if you was not in and specially a child who could not read and write . Soon as i went to lydgate special school my attendance was bril (loved it there).


pain sucks

well i might have to see  a doctor some time this week. since last week i have had pain running down my back and it keeps hurting more everyday. i can’t sodding sit down without having the pain. 😦