bad to good

today did start very bad and sad but it soon came up good after.

THIS AFTERNOON – went and took liam to see the new angry birds movie. he loved it but i felt like it  was ok but not bril. we also went to pizza hut 🙂 . so the afternoon was bril.

THIS MORNING – i do not no if anyone remembers but i did a blog about how someone started to talk to me after 12years ( ). well i can now say it was a ex from my teens. we started to talk to each other last week and both even said sorry for how we acted in are teens but sadly he turned. i do not understand myself how it turned like this because i only said that i was a mum now…but i got called a child,nasty and a bitch and i had a false accusation said about me about a different guy (What was a bloody sodding lie  😡 ) . i tried to talk to him but he sent a message back saying hes not going to read what i just put. so i said bye and blocked him.

sometimes in life you just got to let people go and move on and never talk to them again. only thing i have learned is i NEVER want to date anyone again.  


little man scared

lately liam has been very scared everytime i leave his side. for some silly reason he thinks i’m going somewhere and i’m not coming back but i keep telling him i’m not going anywhere hunny.

he now won’t sleep in his bed and even my mom had fun and games with him this weekend at night.

any advise on what to do?


What happened yesterday

i nearly pooped myself at work yesterday and i never put it on here. so if you need a laugh here it is.

i was at work and someone had put the cleaning floor machine in the wrong place in my department and i could not get to the bin. so i thought what i would do it push it out the way. i got hold of the handles not realizing that someone had left it on. the handles moved forward and i went flying like it was a fast hoover. i let go of it and it stopped next to a crate what was holding 20 BOXERS OF WINE. omg just think if i didn’t let go i would of ran into it and smashed the wine. besst part is when i moved the handles to go back i nearly ran myself over….. never going near that thing again lol.

omg what a night

at 10pm i got a phone call from my dad saying that liam had one of his heat fits. i got myself sorted and walked to there house. liam was so hot so i had to pick him up and take him downstairs and sit outside the house with him to chill down. he was talking but very sleepy. by 1am me and mom where watching some police show and liam sits up fast looks at us and says i’m hungry. me and mom just looked at him in shock because one min he was out and next min he jumps up and says he’s hungry.

before anyone saying this NO he didn’t go to the hospital but that is because

  1. his fit only lasted 1min but if it lasted longer he would of had to go.
  2.  after his last one i was shown what to do if he has one.
  3. Halifax is nearly a hour away and if we had to go to the hospital we be stuck there for 4hours and i new he be better because he always comes round but if he had a 2nd one we would of had to go.
  4. had to ring work up at 4am because i have been up all night with him, got doctors and liam now just wants me also he has to be home for 24hour until he can go back to school.