little man scared

lately liam has been very scared everytime i leave his side. for some silly reason he thinks i’m going somewhere and i’m not coming back but i keep telling him i’m not going anywhere hunny.

he now won’t sleep in his bed and even my mom had fun and games with him this weekend at night.

any advise on what to do?


One thought on “little man scared

  1. Hi Kera, last April/May we were in Greece. I had my In-Laws watching my five children. The youngest are fraternal twins (now 5 y.o.) after the 8th day away from home the twins were inconsolable-crying that their Mommy and Daddy were NOT coming home? I finally caught wind of this and we immediately my Hubs and I took a flight home (We were traveling with my Parents). My older brother Nick and his wife stepped in as they are very close to my youngest children-until we reached home some 12 1/2 hours later. It was the longest flight of my life! Their concerns to them are so real-once they saw us and we held them and reassured them that we would always be there for them they began to calm down. Each child goes through this, it is normal. Keep reassuring Liam Mum will always be there for him! This year (very soon) we are ALL going on a 3 country-6 city world tour for 30 days and my 5 will be with us! Cheryl xx

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