..that dislike feeling…

walking home from work today and i thought i saw someone i once new but it won’t him. have you ever had that funny feeling when you see someone you dislike it makes you feel sick and light footed/headed… yer that’s how i went.

it’s crazy to think how last year was like and now i can’t even look at that person without that hurt feeling.

O_O new job maybe??????

i had a phone call today from work asking if i could come in for a meeting and i said ok i’m on my way. i never get phone calls for meetings so i started to wonder what have i done. well what is happening is in 3months time i could be working for a new company (for cleaning) but i don’t no who , where or if it will happen.

so right now its the waiting game but i’m thinking of taking the new company because i have worked this job for 10 years and it would be cool to be doing something different but won’t find out now until 3months time what is going on. also they did ask if i wanted to do a different job in the shop and i said i would love to work in the cafe but because of my learning disability i can’t work on the till. my only worry is i hope this job is in Huddersfield not somewhere dumb where i can’t travel. sadly i need to take the job because if i don’t i will have no job and no money for 6weeks :(.

bad day at school

when you think he’s getting better liam has a light switch moment at school. went to pick him up and his helper looked not happy. been told liam had to be taken out of the class this afternoon because he turned. he bit two boys, hurt other children and even went to the headteachers office. in the morning he was fine and happy but as it hit afternoon boom. it’s been reported but what has peed me off it that if he is doing this and being dangerous  why did they not ring me to pick him up because he is not safe.

Hes been sent to his room. told him he’s not aloud no star wars ,minecraft and cartoons but he just looks at me like he does not give a crap.

so now i’m waiting for the mums to kick off with me…..