Sorry for not writing anything. Sadly my Internet has died at home and the Internet people have been out to try and fix it but even they are having problems. 

Don’t worry I will be back soon as when it’s working again. Right now I’m on phone data and family WiFi lol

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  1. Darling girl (forgive the familiarity, don’t mean disrespect) I yet have to write the more updated and detailed post on the romantic relationship for you as I promised. Busy working on many things in anticipation of family arrival tomorrow (Father’s day), so in the meantime here is the url for a more recent short outline of a “proverb” God gave me which worked powerfully in helping me to move on.
    It fits a great deal of things in life. If it impresses you, feel free to reblog it. If you reuse the quote give me correct credit as the Author, as the Gracious God of true Life and Love helped me to refine it in a week’s time. Love, and sincerely; MAO
    https: //

  2. I don’t think tha clicking on it will take you there, for it does not appear in color. In which case you would have to type it out in the search engine box. If you already knew this, don”t despair, it is just that I am computer ignorant.

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