i’m hurt but i be ok

31hh0u5g3gL._SL500_first i want to say sorry for not doing any blogs for some days. i deleted my last blog i had on here but something very hurtful happened to me and my heart is hurting right now (nothing to do with my son). i have done nothing but cry for 4days in a row, don’t want to eat and i can’t sleep. i even talked to this person on Wednesday and said we can only say hello but sadly the next day i thought about it and i can’t do that because i love him and it hurts and there is to much water now under the tunnel.  so i’m just going to not talk to him anymore and move on. my family and friends are being so nice to me and i have to admit i have been feeling like doing something bad but i just have to look at liam to keep my mind form thinking about hurting myself.

today i have not cried  but i still feel the pain. i did something kind of odd. i started to read MY LIFE STORY book i have been doing for 3years now. i thought no keys don’t read it or your going to get upset but nope… after reading it i thought why am i crying.

i might feel very broken right now but life has to move on and it will get better. It just takes time.

7 thoughts on “i’m hurt but i be ok

  1. Bless you Keys. You’re right though, looking back at your life and seeing the highs and lows helps you to realise it will always get better. And you will find greater than what you lost. It hurts to be betrayed but it also helps you get rid of the nasty people in your life. I hope you feel better very soon, sending you warm wishes and love.

  2. You have to put things into perspective, dear girl. There are many things which never work in a situation like this; “Buck up” on a long list of things which don’t work. You mind has to be able to put this into perspective. Your mind has to make sense of this, so that your heart can follow. The mind is always the key. I have a lot of posts which might help, on the romantic relationship. You are vulnerable right now, susceptible to whimsy. I hate to remind you of that, in fact the way such thoughts affect you, you will conclude that because all roads lead to Rome, back to the trough, “It must be love”, well it isn’t. It is overwhelming yes, but it isn’t love. In fact with your permission and just for you, I will in a few hours from now write a post on this which I hope will confer to you some strength.
    Sincerely; MAO
    In a few hrs because I have some obligations.

  3. Yes, there are horrible things that can happen, and great things. If you get stuck in the horrible, you could miss the great.

  4. i think reading my diary helped me alot and i have now not cried for 2days.
    yesterday i put everything he ever gave me into a black bin bag and put them in the bin.
    feel like i have wasted 3years but now i can start my life again with my son.

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