bad day at school

when you think he’s getting better liam has a light switch moment at school. went to pick him up and his helper looked not happy. been told liam had to be taken out of the class this afternoon because he turned. he bit two boys, hurt other children and even went to the headteachers office. in the morning he was fine and happy but as it hit afternoon boom. it’s been reported but what has peed me off it that if he is doing this and being dangerous  why did they not ring me to pick him up because he is not safe.

Hes been sent to his room. told him he’s not aloud no star wars ,minecraft and cartoons but he just looks at me like he does not give a crap.

so now i’m waiting for the mums to kick off with me…..

4 thoughts on “bad day at school

  1. This must be hard and no amount of words can do comforting or whatsoever. I just hope you’ll be okay, I hope Liam will be okay too.

  2. If it isn’t too much bother, what is meant by the phrase “…the mums to kick off with me.” Does this mean that they will retaliate? I’m over in America, grew up in NYC yet I imagine there’s some American Slang you might not understand right off.

      • From my perspective, Keys, there is a little bit of humor in my interest, why?….. because growing up I’ve got under my belt, literary works of the Enlish and the Irish (Scott also), and unfortunately, perhaps, I picture those closely built, adjacent one to the other dwellings depicted in those works of literature where everyone knows one another’s business. Squabbles ensue in time, like in “The Snapper”. Cool hun? I enjoyed those readings.

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