keys1988 wordpress update

i have no-test a hell of alot lately that people keep trying to post links to there sites in my comments but not clicking on that i look at them before they even go onto my page. i mostly don’t mind helping people with there sites but only if they say something about mine on there’s first ….. yes i have over 1,000 people following but it does not mean to put links on my site….


someone tried to break in AGAIN

been trying to phone 101 non emergency  but nothing so i might be better going to Huddersfield police. at 5:45am this morning someone was messing with my front door. who ever it is stopped very fast hmmm they must of clicked on that there are 2 locks and I LIVE IN A UPSTAIRS FLAT you dumb pleb. this is NOT THE FIRST TIME and last month i had to change the sodding lock….. people of meltham try to keep safe and keep ya doors locked.

i’m thinking for getting a cam to put over my door outside but if housing say no i will just keep a camera on the stairs facing the door.

so proud of liam

tonight the fire alarm kept going off for a hour all because there was a bad smell of smoke coming from somewhere … when the fire alarm went off again (5th time) i told him we had to go outside to see if we can find the smoke he said ok but don’t forget your phone,keys and i have my blanket and when we leave we have to close the door and we wait outside for fireman on the grass….. he’s only five and he knows what to do when there’s a fire. don’t worry there was no fire but don’t no where the smell of very burnt toast was coming from.

its school who has taught him fire safety or its many hours/days/weeks watching Fireman Sam .