…wtf is wrong with this planet

don’t you just love it when you say something but someone turns it around like your being a racist. after going onto google thinking i said something bad NOPE. i do not get offended when someone calls me white but if i say black/dark I’M IN THE WRONG  (>_<).

5 thoughts on “…wtf is wrong with this planet

  1. I so understand what you are saying, I have to get a CT scan tomorrow on this huge lump on my neck, I’m pretty sure it’s cancer, it’s got me going bonkers, the only… I was going to spin off into stupid, but I stopped

  2. Hard to do, but we have to realize that you can’t please everyone, and worse, those same folk you can’t seem to appease, tend to fail themselves. Yes it never fails, they eventually bring themselves down, unknowingly that was the subconscious plan. When you portray a center which is hurting, living in the collective past, that knife turns in upon itself.
    But you see, some well intended soul, is left feeling that they did not suffice, meant well but was not appreciated, in this instant, that’s you, but it could be anyone of us. Leave it behind, you could not foresee that you were addressing some damaged psyche. Pencils have erasers, erase the incident and just limit the sharing you do with folk. Be wary. I know you wish you didn’t have to be but don’t play their game. Peace out, and such a honest post, thanks.

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